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Our Staff

Guidance, Inspiration and Support



Owner & Founder/Director 

"I love working with kids because they are so innocent and creative and I want to provide a safe place that is nurturing and loving where they can just be themselves to grow and succeed."



Assistant Director

"I have been working in the Health Education, Recreation, and Childcare scene for over 5 years, enjoying promoting active play and healthier lifestyles for a wide variety of both adults and children. Being able to share new adventure hikes and other fun sports games with the kids during the summer months is what drives me to help create an overarching holistic and back to basics approach in Tiggers program service delivery, and I hopes to continue Tigger’s legacy of excellent programming throughout the year as Assistant Director."



Media and Administration 

"I love seeing how each child has their own creative process and nurturing their self awareness and capacity for self-expression. Witnessing their understanding of themselves deepen and being a trusted resource for them as they learn to navigate the world brings me a lot of joy." 



Tigger's Daycare Manager


"I always like that children under my supervision and affection are growing and learning new skills and I am so proud of them!"

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ECA/Support Worker

"My Name is Navneet Kaur and I am from Punjab , India . Working with children gives me the opportunity to explore the world again , through little eyes and it brings new and exciting purpose to my life everyday . "




"Children are always happy and appreciate and love even with small things. As I am working with children, I want to share more happiness and love with them."



Teacher & RA

"Hello, I am a Filipino preschool instructor who adds excitement and creativity to the centers I work for. I have three years experience working with children, during which time I have specialized in teaching arts and crafts. Beyond the classroom I am a co-owner of a small tutorial and daycare in the Philippines. I love children and I incorporate my passion for Japanese anime and manga into entertaining culturally diverse courses so I can establish a globally inspired atmosphere for your child's development!" 




"I enjoy working with children because they remind me of the simple things I often forget, such as being resilient, honest and having fun! Also, by interacting with children, I am able to see how creative they are. They are all incredible artists! I love to see the unique art that they create with their fresh and innocent perspectives. " 




"Kids are such explorers! The way the children seek and discover the world is all special and respectable and will create another wonderland as they grow. During I, as an educator, encourage them to feel safe, secure and supported, it’s always grateful to be in their journey and be part of their development"




"I enjoy my time with the kids and I'm looking to gain more experience as I have five children of my own. I want to improve my skills with children, especially those with specialize needs so I can be the best caregiver I can be with more knowledge and confidence within a new culture" 



"My journey through different roles, starting from a Child Psychologist and Special Educator to becoming an Early Childhood Educator Assistant, has been an emotional and heartwarming adventure. Each step has taught me that my true passion lies in working with kids. The genuine connections we form, the small yet significant victories they achieve, and the shared laughter create moments that touch my soul. Witnessing a child's eyes light up with understanding or being there to help them overcome hurdles fills me with an indescribable sense of fulfillment. These experiences have not only deepened my love for guiding and nurturing young minds, but they've also become a source of boundless joy and purpose in my life."



ECA & Support Worker

"I enjoy working with children because it brings joy, allows for positive influence, nurtures caregiving instincts, fosters personal growth, and provides a sense of purpose in shaping the future. Building bonds with young learners and watching them develop emotionally and academically is personally rewarding."



"Coming Soon" 





"I am Gurjeevan kaur working as an ECE/A with Tigger's. I always love supporting children, and being there for them, acknowledging that I am making a difference" 



"The joy of working with children stems from witnessing their curiosity, creativity, and unfiltered enthusiasm, which can be incredibly rewarding and uplifting to me as an early childhood educator" 

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