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Parent Testimonials

If you're thinking of joining the Tigger's family why not hear some words directly from parents whose children have been or are currently at one of our centers? Amplifying the voices of parents matters to us and we strive to provide the best care available for the communities we serve. 

Alana Green

"Sawyer is always so excited to go to Tigger's Too. It is never hard to get him out the door in the morning as he loves the teachers, the arts and crafts, the play time, and the friends he has made. Joining the Tigger's family has been such a positive experience for our family.

As a parent, I am so grateful that when I drop my child off, I know that he feels safe and loved and will be cared for. "

Terri Flett

"Good day,

                    My twins attended Tiggers before and after school care from kindergarten up to grade 5 where they are leaving George Jay this year, The twins have enjoyed their time at Tiggers for the caring staff and the variety of activities that they experienced. Highlights include making friends, the awesome staff and the annual Christmas concert. As a parent, I was always impressed with the knowledge that my kids were looked after and the staff was always approachable if my husband or I had questions or concerns. Also, I think the way how everything was handled during the peak of COVID was daunting at times but overall a worthwhile experience. I can not believe the past 6 years went by so quickly and I feel fortunate that the boys had the chance to be a part of Tiggers." 

Megan Nahser


We started at Tigger's when our son was 3 years old. They were very welcoming and made sure that the adjustment went well. Our son quickly connected with the teachers because of their calm and loving nature." 

Shauna Hooks

My family and I have been a part of the Tigger's family for over 7 years now. My daughter was immediately drawn to the kind and loving spirit of owner Raymonde and can't say enough how much we love this daycare. The staff members have always been attentive to both of my kids unique needs and I have always been pleased with what they have learned over the years. The field trips(Pre-Covid) and activities such as swimming and Gymnastics have been an absolutely wonderful experience for them both! My son is attending for the last year as he will be going into kindergarten and we will sadly miss every one there!!!!

Stefan Haviland

My son has been enrolled at tiggers for a few years. Both the summer camp as well as the before/after school program. I appreciate the staff at the centre as they seem to really engage with him and provide insight into his behaviour and experiences on a day to day basis. He seems happy with the staff and activities they participate in. He has made some good friends here.

Melissa Kay

I asked my son what he thinks of being at Tiggers. He says "I love it! I love the toys and the leaders". He's made lots of friends and it is steps away from his elementary school. The staff have been so friendly and delightful. Tiggers has been very adaptable during the pandemic, and if they need to change plans, no problem. Thanks guys!

Lindsay Warren

My daughter has been going to Tigger Too’s playschool for a year and is always excited to go to “school”. I have noticed a positive shift in her communication skills and her independence (coming out of covid it was a struggle)
The main “teacher” is wonderful and my daughter always comes home with fun activities.

Alana Best

We appreciate the kind and supportive staff. They actively look for ways to help our child grow. I also appreciate the amount of time they spend outdoors and the learning objectives they've put in place.

Tayler Parks

Our daughter has thrived at Tigger Too's. We had a less than ideal experience at another facility that had us doubting ourselves and worstly our daughter. Tigger's accepted us with open arms and embraced our daughter's own unique and strong personality.  She flourished. Now we struggle with her being mad that we picked her up!
Our daughter comes home with many crafts and is proud to show us her art which is displayed on the entrance way. The care providers are  kind and understanding. Our daughter speaks fondly of her teachers.
Tigger Too's became a positive changing point in our lives and has allowed us to regain trust in leaving our daughter in someone else's care. I would highly recommend them.

Wes Li

""I can speak from our own experience: my son and daughter enjoyed their time at Tigger's, and they made lots of friends and had good memories there!"" 


"We are so happy to have found a daycare with an amazing staff which provides our children with a wide variety of activities in a warm and caring environment.

The kids love it there and they always look forward to going there."

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